We are a company differentiated by having great professionals with wide experience in the areas of information technologies; we are the bridge between you and the technology.

Expert Team

  • Different business areas
  • Advanced internet Solutions
  • Software development at your necessities
  • High level work team

Proven Success

  • 13 years of experience support us
  • Corporate customers satisfied
  • Presence in Mexico and Central America

We work with you

  • Internet key factor for success
  • Solutions that integrate all areas of your company
  • We achieve commercial and functional objectives that your company requires


Specialized Consultancy in Information Technology, we help your company to face the daily challenges because we know that the constant increase of data, the technological changes and the imperious necessity of security are some of the challenges that transform the IT.

We provide counseling to adequately plan the process of technological transformation, to discover the potential of your business and to visualize how these benefits impact the organization of your company.

We create agile, flexible and secure solutions to accelerate your income flow, do not hesitate to contact us, we are a group of trained and talented professionals, focused on listening to the concerns of your organization, to know how to transform complex data into useful business information to Take your projects creatively and efficiently.


It combines a classic ERP with own and specific functionalities for the industry of the security obtaining with this the first ESSRP (Enterprise Security Service Resource Planner)

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Mobile services, advertising and interactive communication (MOSAIC). We put at your disposal a communication channel to reach these devices through a dynamic and current platform, with all the advantages of messaging networks for smart phones and tablets, but focused on the business sector, making the distribution of messages more efficient: Customer-company

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Development of portals and sites with the best CMS in the market Drupal, Joomla, Modx



Development of educational packages and implementation of e-learning with tools such as Moodle


Why Choose Us

Our quality and specialization, certified by years of experience and permanence in the local and international market, have given us the experience to develop the tools, methodologies and knowledge needed to help you achieve your goals. For all this and because we have the best team, the way to the success of your projects is assured with us.